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Reviews of Prince Caspian (1951)

Review by StefanY (2007-08-24)
My journey through Narnia continued with this second novel in the series. I thoroughly enjoyed Prince Caspian and found it to be an even better book than The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe. Part of that may stem from the fact that this story had less to do with discovering Narnia and more about the magic and events taking place there. Another wonderful book and I look forward to reading the next when I come to it.

Review by grendel (2006-02-06)
Prince Caspian is the follow up (in film order) to Narnia so that is why we skipped both The Magicians Nephew (the book before The Lion, The Witch, and the Wardrobe) as well as A Boy and His Horse (The book before Prince Caspian). The book is slow and you must have a real need to read it. The character development is not has focused on and the story seems recycled from TLTWTW. The books one saving grace is the final battle and the suddent rush of character development that envelopes it. Not of the main characters but of the surrounding characters. Lewis lays out a dab of politcal corruption, betrayal, greed, and other very human qualities. Plus you learn about the sudden rush of human presence in Narnia that was not there before and where it had comes from. All in all though this book was to put it plainly a bore from the beggining up untill the middle and even the end is somewhat of a stretch. Prince Caspian is being treated for film as well as Voyage of the Dawn Trader so they have become must reads but that still does not change the fact that it will take some will and stamina to finish off Prince Caspian.

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