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Reviews of Magician's Nephew, the (1955)

Review by fltm (2006-01-11)
This was one of my favorite narian stories. it is rich with the history of narnia, all told from a view of classic c.s. lewis adventure. you get hints here and there of what is to come in narnia, and when you read the other books, you hear yourself thinking "hey, i knew that, i just didn't know i knew". the crazy family member, the bored protaginist, the helpful friend, and of course, a wicked witch, all help tell the tale of how aslan created narnia. it is rich with folk lore of differnt cultures, but most especially, greek. I loved reading it for my first time, and have still loved reading it time and time again

Review by freejazz (2003-07-19)
I love this series, but the order has gotten messed up , changed from written order to chonalogicial order, this book (magician's nephew) is a much better read after silver chair and before last battle, because it gives away things about the whole first book!!! Read ' Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe, the ' FIRST,
You have been warned!You have been warned!

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