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Reviews of Mote in God's Eye, the (1974)

Review by clong (2007-07-09)
The Mote in God's Eye is essentially a combination of a reasonably entertaining, but far from extraordinary, space opera and one of the best first contact novels ever. The Moties are a beautifully designed sentient alien race--they think differently from humans, act differently from humans, and worry about different problems than humans. They have evolved in a way that provides the species with biological imperitives quite different from those of man. And Niven accomplishes the difficult task of making them both highly sympathetic and ultimately quite frightening. A sci-fi classic that should be in the library of every fan of the genre.

Review by Non (2004-01-02)
Cool book, well written, lots of detail and interesting plot.
Its been a while since I read the book so this review will not be that reflective.
The technology was quite innovative and intriguing, however not enough to carry the story.
I didn't get attached to any of the characters and some were even repulsive, seeming to make the dumbest of decisions to advance the plot. (deus ex machinas)
The premise was very cool and there are many nuggets of genius which will keep you reading.
[RATING: 7/10]

Review by sqbr (2003-06-30)
This is I would say one of Nivens better books. Its still not the best written book ever, but the great ideas come in a constant stream, more than most authors produce in a lifetime.
The "moties" are a genuinely different alien race, unlike 99% of those in s.f., yet they make perfect sense, and have unique and plausible advantages and disadvantages.
If you like hard science fiction, definitely read this book.

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