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Reviews of Silmarillion, the (1977)

Review by wilsons (2010-02-19)
The Simarillion is an epic tale of the history of the Elves and there fight against their enemy Morgoth. The book also includes many individual tales, the creation of middle earth, and how men factored into the fight.

I read the Simarillion when I was younger and it just went over my head. I am re-reading it right now and am still finding it difficult. The storytelling of Tolkien is still masterful, but there are just so many places and people that it is hard to keep it strait.

Looking things up in the index has helped me a lot, as well as using, "Atlas of Middle-Earth" by Karen Wynn Fonstad, as a reference.

(This review refers to the 1977 version titled “The Silmarillion”)

Review by juliaandersen (2006-10-07)
I do not doubt that Silmarillion is an expressive work and it is very well written book, but I know a lot of people, who have read books with more than 1000 pages, without having problems, who had to give up. They only got halfway through the book. I had to give up.

In some way it is really exciting to get some background knowledge and learn more about Tolkiens univers, but nothing really happens. Of course one hears about the things that lead up to the ring, but there is just too much talking about the same things..

Review by clong (2004-04-14)
Don't expect an epic narrative a la Lord of the Rings; the Silmarillion is more a series of related short stories that recount the origins and early history of middle earth, and especially of the elves whose descendants populate the world of the Lord of the Rings.

The language is beautiful, and many of the stories are moving and compelling in their own right. Tolkien's use of the English language is masterful, in an entirely different league from the vast majority of fantasy on the market today. And the world he created holds together better than virtually all of the many writers who have followed in his footsteps. If you enjoyed LOR, and want to understand the history that got middle earth to where it is in the trilogy, this is truly essential reading.

Review by Vána (2003-03-07)
The Silmarillion is a fantastic piece of work. This is the history that is so much a part of Tolkien's The Lord of the Rings set. It includes one of the most beautiful creation stories I've ever read, and has a richness and depth that just isn't found very often any more. Middle Earth is its own dynamic and detailed world. At times, I found it hard to keep the characters straight in my mind, but it's worth the extra effort. I highly recommend this book to anyone who loves The Lord of the Rings, or to anyone who loves history and cultures.

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