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Reviews of Pursuit, the (2003)

Review by knowbuddy (2003-10-10)
This book didn't suck. It wasn't by any means a revelationary insight into the Vaughn character, but it was an okay read. It contrasts nicely with its sister-book, "Alias: Recruited". This book tells about Vaughn's recruitment, while the other tells of Sydney's. While Syd's story is all about action and duplicity, Vaughn's is more of a "slow and steady wins the race" kind of theme. Both do an excellent job of simplifying and conveying the essence of the two sides of the TV series. Vaughn seemed a bit too over-the-top neurotic in this book, but that may have been intentional, to help show character development in later books.

My only major complaint was the anecdote recursion. By that I mean that many, many times in the book the story would start at one point in time, jump back to a previous point in time (via anecdote, memory, retelling, etc), and then jump back further before going back where it started. Trying to keep track of the correct order of events got extremely frustrating at times. I would think with a bit of editing and rearranging into something a bit more linear, this book would be much easier to read.

Of course, it's still just a 90-minute fluff read. But there are far worse things you could be reading.

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