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Reviews of Momo (1973)

Review by spiphany (2003-10-19)
For some reason, nobody ever seems to have heard of any of Michael Ende's books except for The Neverending Story. But Momo is at least as good, if not better. The Neverending Story is primarily a fantasy, although with more serious and at times sinister undertones. Momo is much more than that. It takes place, like most fairy tales, suspended in a curious sort of timelessness. (The story, Michael Ende writes, was told to him by a man on a train, who commented afterwards, "I've described all these events as if they'd already happened. I might just as well have described them as if they still lay in the future. To me, there's very little difference.") As a fable, this makes it all the more effective. And it is thoroughly appropriate to the subject of the book. Time - timelessness - the symbolism is entwined in every aspect of the book.

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