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Reviews of Ringworld Engineers, the (1979)

Review by mrdude (2005-02-15)
Ringworld Engineers, the Second book in the Ringworld Series by Larry Niven picks up 23 years after the previous book with Louis Wu now living on the planet Canyon as Wirehead. It soon unfolds that he must travel back to Ringworld with Speaker and Prill.

The first time I read this book I was so impressed that it catapulted me on to the third book even though the friend who had originally suggested "Ringworld" had bad opinions about both sequels (the fourth not being written yet). Reading it a second time I don't have quite the same reaction but I enjoyed it none the less. I think what really kept me going through it was the mystery of it all. In the previous book Niven does present a problem, but it is not as threatening and immense as in this one. You really get to feel the tension building in this one, which is fun and makes for a fairly quick read, four days is a pretty quick go for me.

The writing style is pretty similar to the previous. Niven is a little more explicit in his sex scenes, which he never fails to have, even if his story is lacking compatible species. He also focuses a little more on character development in this one, at least I felt he did. Also he Split this one up into three parts and also seems to have a more inter-chapter breaks than in Ringworld.

Overall I really enjoyed this book. It clarified a lot of what was left to guess at in the previous book and made Niven's own unique universe more real to me. I would definitely recommend it to any science fiction fan.

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Review by sqbr (2003-07-05)
Only worth reading if you really enjoyed ringworld, and not too many new ideas. Some, though!

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