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Reviews of Three Musketeers, the (1844)

Review by rinabeana (2006-07-26)
I read this about four years ago and was totally enthralled with it! Sadly, after finishing it, I started The Man in the Iron Mask, not knowing that it was the culmination of a long saga about the beloved Athos, Porthos, Aramis and D'Artagnan. When I found out about the rest of the story, I wanted to read everything in the proper order, but I just got around to it a couple months ago. The Three Musketeers was just as wonderful as I'd remembered! The Musketeers all have their faults, but you can't help but love them anyway! (At least I can't I've talked to at least one person who can't stand them!) The intrigues and adventures in this story were totally enthralling. I was always anxious to learn how our intrepid heroes were going to save the Queen's honor or prevent a war between France and England or escape from Richelieu and Milady's dastardly plots.

Review by Corleone (2004-04-13)
Definitely an interesting, fun, and sometimes complex narrative. The plot becomes epic a few times, but it is always centered on the struggles between both the King and Cardinal (a political "friendly" rivalry), and D'Artagnan and Milady De Winter (a vicious and intriguing battle of wits). Each Musketeer is distinct and interesting, though Porthos and Aramis could have benefitted from more characterization. The conclusion of the novel remains satisfying, exciting, and tragic.

Review by prizmski (2003-03-08)
The Three Musketeers is an extraordinary tale of adventure, action, romance, and perhaps even some revenge. Dumas spins a tale in which you become so immersed in the character development that you begin sympathizing with them and understanding precisely how they feel! The main character, D'Artagnan, is one who you begin disliking and end up rooting for. There's a reason why this book has been the source of so many movies, stories, and quotes ("All for one, and one for all!") - simply because it's one of the greatest adventures of all time! I highly recommend this book if you enjoy a deep story which continues to surprise you.

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