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Reviews of Glory Season (1993)

Review by blueworld (2004-03-31)
The Glory Season centers around imagining a world run by cloned groups of women. Brin imagines cloning technology that still requires men to begin the process of an egg's development. He fully develops the biological changes required for a world of mostly clones, as well as the mentality of such a society. I also loved the theme of puzzles which becomes central to the book during Maia's adventures. The ending is a bit dissapointing because it doesn't seem to fully resolve the plot, but other than that this is an excellent novel.

Review by Tracy (2003-07-20)
I liked this book, the characters were real, the world fascinating and the plot absorbing. The twist in human behaviour due to the change in sex cycles was interesting and David Brin dealt with the touchy topic of male-female relations on a world where women are dominant well, compared to many SF books on the subject. Maia was a real person and did not become all PC by the end of the book. There were a couple of loss ends, at one point during the book Maia ventures a new strategy in a game but the game cannot be played out and we never find out what the result of the strategy should be. More majorly, there are a number of indications that the ratio of summer births to winter ones is rising, a major issue in the context of that world, but if we are ever given a reason why it passed me by. But overall well worth reading.

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