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Reviews of Gauntlet (2002)

Review by knowbuddy (2003-09-18)
I bought this book hoping to read about a younger, less-honed Picard, and I was not disappointed. You could see that Michael Jan Friedman spent some time thinking about how a young Picard would solve a problem, and how that might differ from the same problem tackled by an older Picard. While Picard is not Kirk, and was probably never a "shoot first, ask questions later" kind of captain, the decision to act instead of talk is visibly more prevalent in this book.

The plot is ... mediocre ... albeit wrapped up a bit quickly. (And repercussion-free, which was a bit disturbing.) My only other gripe was that the first half of the book was very jumpy. Some scenes lasted only a page or two, even though the action level wasn't there yet. More time could have been taken in each scene, with fewer jumps, and I think it might have made for a smoother read. But even that problem was relatively minor.

As far as Star Trek paperbacks (what I like to call "throw-away books") go, this book was average. Nothing about it blew me away, but nor was it as bad as some of the dreck that the ST factory pumps out. I gave it 5/10.

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