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Reviews of Farmer in the Sky (1950)

Review by branko (2003-06-17)
This Heinlein novel about terraforming on a Jupiter moon introduced me to a startlingly claustrophobic theory that a population will not just grow to the point where there are enough resources for everybody, but way beyond that point to where a large section of that population is starving. It's worth reading for that 'observation' alone.

Review by rootbeer (2003-03-10)
Terraforming a moon can't possibly be easy. Heinlein tackles the trials and victories of the homesteaders of Ganymede in his own distinctive style, confronting the problems of atmosphere, water, temperature, and creating arable farmland. Find out what kind of people have the right stuff and which ones would have been better off staying home as Heinlein explores the human need to go conquer new frontiers with my personal favorite cast of characters.

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