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Reviews of 2010: Odyssey Two (1982)

Review by bobbalobba (2008-05-22)
While no sequel ever came close to touching the original book in this quartet, 2010 is still an outstanding book, and a wonderful and complimentary follow-up to 2001. It brings back that sort-of solitary confinement-adventure of space exploration. It also continues the story and drops a huge and beautiful revelation in its conclusion. Highly recommended.

Review by mrdude (2005-08-30)
2010: Odyssey Two, the Second book in the Space Odyssey Series by Arthur C. Clarke

Just nine years after the discovery's disastrous journey to the outer planets of the solar system, Heywood Floyd and a crew of Russian and American astronauts embark on yet another journey to study the abandoned spacecraft and the mysterious monolith.

I must admit, I loved 2001 a space odyssey and was a little worried that this addition to the series would only pale to in comparison. I was glad to be incorrect in this assumption. Although this volume in the series differs drastically than it's predecessor, I found it extremely enjoyable. In fact so much so that by the time I was three quarter through the book I was literally unable to set the book down.

As I said before, the book is quite different than 2001. To start off the story revolves more closely around one main character, that of Heywood Floyd ( the American astronaut who unearthed the monolith on the moon in 2001). I also felt that this story was a lot faster in pace than 2001. Neither of these details seemed to detract from the book and in way might make it more accessible to a wider audience. All and all, I have to say this was a great book. It makes me want to continue with the series and I would definitely suggest it to those who have read 2001.

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