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Reviews of Ocean of Years, the (2002)

Review by knowbuddy (2003-09-18)
This book wasn't horrible. It certainly wasn't an outstanding page-turner, but nor did I want to throw it across the room. It's the second book of a trilogy (at least) and it certainly shows. The race to track down the main antagonist is entertaining, but it's all wrapped up a bit too quickly and verbosely at the end. That is, the last 20+ pages are pretty much just exposition, both tying up loose threads and leading into the third book.

You get a bit more character development for some of the supporting cast, but again not as much as I would have liked for the really major players. (Koffield, again, remains almost untouched.) Like the last book, there are several characters that some not-insignificant amount of time is spent on during the first half of the book only to get dropped and unmentioned in the second half. You can't help but wonder if the characters are going to come back and play a part in the later books.

It's a bit of the case of the madman and the genius. Either this series is going to turn out to be one of the best-developed compilations I've read, or it's going to be a waste of paper that needed to be edited down by half. Only the third book is going to be able to provide the answer.

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