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Reviews of Fever 1793 (2000)

Review by bgfay (2003-10-21)
This is a good book, not a great one. Anderson is devoted to her theme and uses relevant quotes from original documents at the beginning of each chapter in order to ground her fictional account in fact. Unlike her better known book _Speak_, this is a more difficult book with which to identify. It's heroine, while likable, is not lovable enough to really draw readers in. However, the story is a good one, the characters are likable and it is easy to get into the plot. I like that Mattie, the main character, is an independent woman who takes care of herself and yet is willing to depend upon others when the need arises.

Fever 1793 is a good book especially for people interested in history, who want to read a story featuring an independent young woman, and who are willing to invest the time in a book that may not stay with them as the best they have ever read.

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