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Reviews of To Sail Beyond the Sunset (1987)

Review by fastfinge (2005-10-26)
When God was handing out the photographic memories, he ran out just before he got to me. This is unfortunate, as the point of To Sail Beyond the Sunset seems to be to cram in every single character, important or unimportant, that ever appeared even once in the future history series. It feels almost like fanfiction. If I had been propperly provided for in the memory department, maybe I would have enjoyed the tremendous lists of characters that make up most of the ending of this book. However, I wasn't and didn't.

If you're going to read this book, just stop when you get lost: it will only go downhill. The reason you should read it is for the same reason you should read _Time Enough for Love_: the biographical aspect. It's full of stories and pictures that bring alive a past age and a fictional woman, and make you wish that in the real world that sort of spirit would extend more than skin deep.

Review by rootbeer (2003-03-10)
If you're a fan of Lazarus Long, you'll get a kick out of To Sail Beyond the Sunset. This books fills in a lot of details about the early life of this fascinating character though the trials and tribulations of his mother, Maureen. As we follow the unnaturally long life of Momma Maureen, we follow a story much like Time Enough for Love, but from a female perspective and confined mostly to one planet. My favorite part was watching Heinlein's Future History series unfold through Maureen's eyes, breaking off from our own reality at around the beginning of World War II and running eerily parallel to the world we know. Definately not a book for first-time Heinlein readers, you should leave this book until you've read most of his other works or you'll miss a lot.

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