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Reviews of Angela's Ashes: A Memoir (1996)

Review by benya (2012-09-10)
While reading this book i just couldn't belive how can he write so smoothly about his really hard, sometimes depressing childhood, just like if it had happened with somebody else...

I really enjoyed seeing the city of Limerck with the eye of a poor teenager, who has nothing to posess, but his mind and the tales in his heart. McCourt writes about his childhood with sincerity, humour and forgiveness, withouth a really slight sign of anger or accusation, and that makes his story so belivable.

I risk that this is one of the best memoires I've ever read absolutely perfect, a real page-turner for me it's 10 out of 10

Review by methuselah (2006-09-27)
I read this book my senior year of high school and was driven mad by it. The story itself is interesting-- funny, sad, provocative, etc.-- as it tells of a life most of us have been lucky enough not to experience. It revolves around Frank McCourt's childhood-- how his parents met and married, how his Dad struggled with alcoholism, how his Mom fought just to get by, and many more aspects of growing up in Ireland during the Great Depression.

The way McCourt wrote it, though, made it a book I'm not entirely at peace with. Others have strongly disagreed with me but when you struggle to read something that isn't supposed to be all that challenging, there's something wrong. Maybe the problem was with me, maybe not, but I found myself missing proper punctuation the further I went. I know I'm not perfect (far from it actually) but I feel an author should be able to, at the very least, use a period when one is needed. His sentences were so long at times that I often had to go back and re-read what could have been mistaken for a paragraph. It made getting through an entire chapter in one sitting nearly impossible.

If you've no problem with run-on sentences and the like, Angela's Ashes shouldn't prove to be a problem.

Review by Kidkarysma (2005-04-25)
I don't know why this book is under fiction. Isn't a memoir true?

Either way, it's an excellent read. McCourt's style is smooth and inviting. The story is depressing with few moments of hope or true happiness. Every blessing seems to turn into a curse. Yet you can't help but continue reading and wandering what will happen next.

It's an amazing tale and I highly recommend it.

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