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Reviews of Moonseed (1998)

Review by kawayama (2003-08-26)
If you liked the film Armageddon, you'll like Moonseed. Fast-paced, larger than life, lots of explosions and heroic Americans. The story goes something like this: a moon rock, collected during the Apollo missions, carries a geological virus. In the year 2003 some of the rock infects the Earth. Rocks start to change into moonseed, quicksand-like puddles. Soon the whole Earth will be uninhabitable. A geologist, Henry Meacher (Bruce Willis), is the only one who sees the danger. Together with his ex-wife, the astronaut Geena Bourne (Geena Davis), and her new russian lover Arkady Berezovoy (Peter Stormare), he must travel to the moon since only there can they save mankind.

Overly melodramatic and filled with relentless action, this would be the catastrophe movie top all catastrophe movies (tagline: "It eats planets. And it's here"). The book keeps you on your toes (although we could have done without all that astronaut training) even though it is very predictable.

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