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Reviews of Artemis Fowl (2001)

Review by rashid (2007-01-13)
In the original Artemis Fowl we are introduced to Artemis, his bodyguard, Butler, and Holly. All characters are unique and have their own personalities. Eoin Colfer has a very good writing style. Makes you want to continue reading. Artemis is a superb character, heís simply brilliant. The novel has a solid plot line, making it one of the best in the series. I fell in love in the story. This may be billed as a childrenís book, but I recommend it to any fantasy fan. And because itís short (under 300 pages), this should be easy reading.

Review by goldenphoenix (2005-01-01)
Whoever I talk to about Artemis Fowl, they always seem to compare it to Harry Potter. Don't. The two are entirely different, with different qualities, characters and plot lines.

What makes Artemis Fowl so special is that the main protagonist is neither likeable nor heroic, and yet Colfer's story works. The fairy world isn't all smiles and happy little elves, and the hero isn't a good guy. Eoin tels fantasy with the really dirty bits left in - and by that I don't mean the gruesome bits (although there are a fair few of them!), but the dark emotions and thoughts that his target audience aren't normally exposed to. The Artemis Fowl books have a suprising amount of maturity to them, and all I can say is brilliant! Thank goodness a children's author has stopped patronising his readers.

Review by lozzina (2004-01-22)
A lead character that you don't really like, but grow to love anyway and an original storyline equal a brilliant book that i would recommend to most people; children and adults.

Review by andrael (2003-03-10)
One weird thing about this book is that the title character and "star" really doesn't seem to spend much time in the focus. Which is good, because I found him quite unsympathetic anyway. What made this book interesting for me was the characterization of the fairies, their world, and their technology. The plot is exciting and has a lot of action scenes, with violence described in unusual detail for a supposed children's book -- which makes me think that what the author really wants to be writing is a big budget action movie.

Review by pickychicky1979 (2003-03-07)
I picked this book up along with the second in the series not knowing what to expect.

Artemis Fowl is the Harry Potter of the fairy world although more scheming, devious and cunning. The book combined folklore, gadgetry, myth and great fun. I found myself wondering if maybe there are fairies out there.

I highly recommend this book not only for the adolescent, but for the adult as well!

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