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Reviews of Fire Upon the Deep, a (1992)

Review by kadambi (2008-04-27)
Probably one of the best modern space operas I've read.

A fire upon the deep is truly a magnificent achievement. The best parts of the book were the description of the tines world and indeed the tines creatures themselves. Vinge's sympathetic portrayal of some of the characters among them were the best parts.

The book moves at a great pace and manages to keep the reader engrossed (plus the depiction of various worlds and the "net" is very erudite). A great read, especially if you are into space opera.

Review by blueworld (2004-07-08)
A Fire Upon the Deep deserves most of the praise it has been given. It is a space opera with an intriguing twist in its view of the universe, and also one of the most interesting and original alien races I have ever seen described in Science Fiction. The concept of "Zones of Thought" gets more confusing as the story goes on, not less -- but I guess that's just an enticement to seek out the sequel.

Review by sqbr (2003-07-01)
This is a truly fantastic book, one of those science fiction books where you have to stop every now and then and savour the ideas. Vinge has a tendency to do nasty things to his characters when you don't expect it, but otherwise they are compassionately and beautifully drawn.
The Tines are one of those rare, truly different, alien races, and are well described. The universe is deep and detailed, although the idea of "zones of thought" is a somewhat implausible if very useful plot device.

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