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Reviews of Schrödinger's Cat Trilogy (1988)

Review by Nscafe (2003-04-11)
I'll preface this review by saying I've read this book before. Twice. Once when I was highly impressionable at the age of fourteen and then again some where eighteen. I have good memories of this book.

I enjoyed re-reading this book with fresh eyes. Not that I had forgotten the book existed or anything like that, it's just that I've read a lot of other books by Wilson in the past couple of months and is good again to see how his fiction and non-fiction books over lap and provide the same sort of ethos to each other. His ideas are the similar but the presentation is different.

It's tough to me to easily quantify what the Schr?dingers Cat Trilogy is about. In essence it's about life. People doing what they do (interacting with other people, situations being dealt with, drugs being taken, government interference... all that good stuff). That's just a pretext for the over all novel though.

Take a character, give that character set of properties, give that character a name. Nice and simple. In the next book, keep the name and change some of the properties and let that character loose in a similar situation. In the third book, change the name slightly and keep the situation similar.

Yes / No / Maybe

Perhaps that's a poor way of explaining the book, but it will make sense if you read the book... I wouldn't lie to you.

If money wasn't involved.


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