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Reviews of Into the Forge (1998)

Review by archaic (2006-05-15)
This book was a real disappointment. The book starts off real slow and seems to keep that pace throughout the whole thing. The characters were rather boring and were not that interesting. The world that the book takes place in is nothing special. The storyline seemed rather boring. When an event would take place that was supposed to be a twist to the story the storyline just kept going at the same slow pace. While I was reading this book I found myself often bored at times.

Review by alanhunt (2003-08-05)
Long and Long I read this book, and Bored and Bored I was...

I picked this book up at the store because it was on clearance and had an interesting looking cover. I guess I've learned my lesson...

The author seems to delight in twisting up the order of his sentences and using arcane constructions in an attempt to seem "fantasy-ish". It turns out to be annoying. The storyline is fairly stock, and has several similarities to the Hobbit/Lord of the Rings, without being a tenth as interesting. I found that rather than being engrossed in the tale, my attention wandered every few pages.

While not the worst book I have ever read, I wouldn't recommend this unless someone gives it to you for free and there are no cereal boxes handy.

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