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Reviews of Postman, the (1985)

Review by blueworld (2004-11-12)
I had a lot of expectations for The Postman after reading other Brin books. But this story is quite different from most of his others. It's interesting to see a protagonist who isn't the typical sharp scientist; still, I found the characters in The Postman to be less compelling than I expected. Both the pessimistic view of a post-apocalyptic world and the "optimistic" view of his future just did not pull me in. Brin says that this is one of the books he connects to most personally, and maybe that's the problem with it. I don't feel that he is letting the story really speak for itself, that it was crafted to conform to an idea rather than evolving naturally.

Review by Indianadan (2003-03-07)
David Brinís greatest work The Postman was made into such a bad film, that if you have seen the movie you probably wonít read the book. This is a huge mistake! The Postman takes the post apocalypse novel to a whole new level.

Most of the books in this genre spend all of their time dealing with the types of mutations that would occur and coming up with unlikely new inventions (i.e. skull gun in Snowcrash by Neil Stephenson). Not the Postman while there are certainly bands of survivors the story is about a con man that sleeps in a mail truck and takes the Mailmanís clothes in order to stay warm. Upon visiting a new city the people recognize the uniform and start asking him to deliver their mail to relatives and wanting to know news from the rest of the country.

Well our hero being a con man after all starts waxing poetic about all of the great rebuilding going on back east and how he was sent to help start up the post office again. His only goal is for food and a nice place to sleep but he starts a revolution. After he starts the whole process he does begin to worry about what he has done and develops a guilt complex.

This book is filled with great storytelling and good character development. If you are in the mood for a good story and lean more towards the sci-fi end of the spectrum than this book is for you. I consider this book to be one of my favorites.

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