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Reviews of Moon Is Down, the (1942)

Review by datovs (2013-05-11)
Steinbeck's The Moon is Down is a beautifully written piece on the inside of war and its implications. Clashing perceptions together, two people are created here; the oppressed, and the oppressors. The atmosphere created through bad-intent and ill-will is felt by the conquerors who assume their position, but do not know how to retain it. Dealing with an assortment of characters, and written in the style of a play, this book creates martyrs of people on both sides of the fence. At the end of the day, a line has to be drawn between a person, and his role.

Review by eriksonmobile (2005-10-17)
what a great commentary on war and its aftermath. Steinbeck manages to capture the psychological state of both parties occupier and occupiee and although this book is full of morale it is not out to blame. Steinbeck finds witnesses on both sides and draws the readers attention to the fate of both. The message of this short book cannot be better: "You cannot break man's spirit permanently"

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