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Reviews of Twits, the (1980)

Review by islander255 (2007-08-31)
What's not to like about this book? Once again Roald Dahl strikes with a comedy of macabre proportions. This time it's about a vile couple, the Twits, who play nasty tricks on each other and are generally the poster people for domestic viciousness. They mess with each others' minds. They catch birds by gluing tree branches, then cook the beasts in pies. They throw monkeys into cages, then make them stand on their heads all day. Since the Twits obviously have no love for each other, you can only assume they married out of mutual misanthropic feelings.

Any child worth his/her salt will be delighted by the gross descriptions. Notice I didn't say "violent" descriptions--no, they're much grosser than that. The living habits of the Twits will make you cringe. Your children will revel in the nastiness, and even the teenagers will be caught up in it all.

The story REALLY gets good when the monkeys decide to escape. But escape isn't enough--they want to get back at the Twits and make them stand on THEIR heads! For all you lovers of revenge flicks, this story is for you!

After 76 pages of thorough but equal measures of both squickiness and delight, you shall put down the book and praise Roald Dahl. After "Matilda" and "The Witches", this is one of my favorite of all Dahl's books. Read it! Read it now!


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