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Reviews of Great Divorce, the (1946)

Review by smber2c (2008-12-23)
The Great Divorce was absolutely one of the best books I've ever read. In the interest of full disclosure - I am a faithful Catholic and spent a year as a missionary. That being the case - stories like Lewis' really excite me.

Basically, I think that for a person who wants to learn about "final judgement" and "God's Justice" the Great Divorce is an invaluable aid.
Many teachers may tell you, "God donesn't send people to hell, they reject His love and choose it themselves." 99% of us respond, "Yeah right, that's insane." But Lewis' book illustrates beautifully realistic examples of people either choosing humility and obedience to enter 'the high country', or choosing their own desire/belief and going back down. And these decisions for damnation are construed well enough that readers will understand how characters could actually chose the fate that they do.
Such writing is both incitful and frightening. Those looking to grow in holiness may soon discover areas that they were being lazy or greedy. Those who don't follow Christian theology will at least get an understanding for how the Christian argument works and perhaps why the God they follow isn't "evil".

When trying to explain a point to others I'm teaching or studying with, I reference examples of Lewis' books constantly - and this book it incredible for that use.
As a Catholic is helps illuminate: heaven, hell, purgatory, damnation, God's total love and total justice together, humility, disordered priorities, vanity...oh all the deadly sins, etc...

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