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Reviews of Hominids (2002)

Review by joel (2003-07-20)
_Hominids_ will challenge your assumptions if your only mental picture of the Neanderthal is a scowling caveman with a club on his shoulder. It's a very well researched speculation into what Neanderthal society, physiology, and psychology might have been like, and how it might differ from our own. Like a lot of hard SF, it suffers a bit in the so-called 'literary value' department -- the plot and the narrative style are mainly set up to allow the author to describe his ideas and are not exactly Pulitzer material. I did find the characters to be drawn more humanly than in many similar books, though. _Hominids_ also touches on several other fields of science, not always with the same success. (Watch for some quantum physics-related handwaving. I suspect this book will date very badly.) It's a fun read for the scientifically literate. I'll be reading the sequels.

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