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Reviews of Something Happened (1966)

Review by Jago360 (2004-11-28)
From the author of the brilliant "Catch-22" comes one of the most disappointing, depressing narratives ever put to paper. Contrary to the title, little actually happens in "Something Happened"; the book tells the story of aging Bob Slocum, who doesn't like his wife, pits himself against his daughter, and tells endless stories of his past sexual escapades as if by relating the tales he can bring back those days.

"Something Happened" is very much not worth reading. I don't know if I've ever read an emptier book - it almost literally is five hundred pages or so of nothing except quiet despair. There is a very good chance that this novel will depress you for days, and slogging through pages and pages of tedium and almost never-ending parentheticals that do nothing but disrupt the main storyline is not worth the trouble. Avoid at all costs.

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