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Reviews of Uplift War, the (1987)

Review by clong (2005-06-01)
I enjoyed this book very much. Like Startide Rising, it offers an ambitious plot that develops several related storylines that are ultimately brought together to reach a satisfying conclusion.

The best things about the book are the well developed non-human characters: the neo-chimps, the invading bird-like Gubru aliens, and the two important Tymbrimi alien characters. Brin does a very good job of making the aliens profoundly different from humans in interesting yet reasonably plausible ways. As in Startide Rising, I found the human characters to be less compelling and less sympathetic. The romance between Robert O'Neagle and the Tymbrimi Athaclena didn't really work for me, and the gung-ho "shoot 'em up, blow 'em up" human marine major felt like a caricature.

Still, I give this a 9/10 enjoyability rating and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend it to any scifi fan. I would also point out that this story is only loosely related to the Sundiver story told in many of the other Uplift books; it certainly can be read out of series order.

Review by blueworld (2004-03-31)
I tink that The Uplift War is the most entertaining of the Uplift series. It may have less meat to it than the rest of the novels, but the characters truly interested me. Maybe that's because they really have time to develop relationships with each other rather than just running around the universe. The story also spends quite a bit of time with two species of aliens: the birdlike Gubru, whose mating groups of three are also its units of political power, and the humanoid Tymbrimi who are the greatest friends of Earthclan and one of the few alien races with a sense of humor. This story is a bit of a digression from the main storyline, so if you have read Startide Rising and are only interested in what happens to the Streaker you can safely skip straight to Brightness Reef.

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