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Reviews of Cat's Cradle (1963)

Review by poncho88 (2007-10-12)
It's what every novel aspires to be: funny, serious, inventive and entertaining. Without getting overly preachy, Vonnegut takes a smart stab at politics, religion, war and science (basically, everything).

The style of short chapters with varying-length titles is a personal favorite, and "ice-nine" is the coolest doomsday device I've heard of.

(This review refers to the 1963 version titled “Cat's Cradle”)

Review by drache_gnar (2006-03-28)
Cat's Cradle is the first novel I've read from Vonnegut.
If you are into books with odd characters, funny dialogue and a interesting story/plot, which is a mishmash of satire and sci-fi, then you'll love Cat's Cradle.

The only thing I disliked about the novel was the ending, which I found to be rather weak.

I definately suggest picking up this fun novel.

Review by vonn_fan316 (2005-05-26)
In what I believe to be one of Kurt Vonnegut's greatest books, Vonnegut manages to force you into thinking about everything you know and everything you think you understand, from your religion to your sex drive. He creates a believable world with bizarre yet ironically realistic feeeling characters that are easy to love and connect with. You don't need to be a hardcore Vonnegut fan to enjoy this masterpiece!!!


Review by dancarl (2003-05-20)
In my opinion, this is one of Vonnegut's best novels. He explores somewhat serious themes - the power of mass religion, fascination with the "cult of personality" - but as usual manages to enterain while enticing you look at the world from a slightly different angle.

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