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Reviews of Brightly Burning (2001)

Review by blueworld (2004-11-12)
I admit, this is definitely a book cast from the usual Mercedes Lackey formula, but I still enjoyed the story. I guess I just have a soft spot for her writing, and I'm embarassed to admit that Brightly Burning actually made me cry. Of course, this was after reading the whole thing at one sitting in the middle of the night. The basic plot of the story and its occasional dark, foreshadowing tone are very reminiscent of her Vanyel series, but there's less real meat to it, and less development and complexity of character.

Review by tollbaby (2004-11-12)
I suppose that, not having read the other books in the series, maybe I have a greater appreciation for it as a standalone novel. I love Lackey's power of description, and her characters always seem a little more real to me than most fantasy characters do. This book in particular, I really got into. I identified with the main character (and no I'm not a teenaged boy) and could empathize with his conflicts.

The world Lackey has created in this series is a wonderful, if sometimes terrifying, place. I can't wait to read the other books, and I recommend this one to any Misty fan.

Review by alanhunt (2003-07-09)
Typical of her Valdemar books, this can be summed up as

1. Teenager is unhappy
2. Teenager finds out he is really special in some way
3. Teenager becomes powerful guy, and gains acclaim, although not without

I do like her stories, but I find that I liked them better when I was a teenager, and could identify more closely with the main character. As time goes by, the characters in her novels seem less heroic and more immature and petulant. But it's worth the read if you like the rest of her books.

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