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Book Information: Metaphysical Poets, the

Metaphysical Poets, the (1957) [Anthology]
by William Alabaster Thomas Carew William Cartwright John Cleveland Abraham Cowley Richard Crashaw Sir William Davenant John Donne Richard Fanshawe Owen Felltham Sidney Godolphin Fulke Greville William Habington John Hall Edward Herbert George Herbert Thomas Heyrick Ben Jonson Henry King Francis Kynaston Richard Leigh Richard Lovelace Andrew Marvell John Milton John Norris Francis Quarles Walter Raleigh Thomas Randolph William Shakespeare Robert Southwell Thomas Stanley Sir John Suckling Aurelian Townshend Thomas Traherne Henry Vaughan Edmund Waller John Wilmot Sir Henry Wotton Rating: No votes (Rate!)
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Summary (IBList user synopsis):

Helen Gardner's classic anthology of selected works by England's metaphysical poets.


  • Introduction
  • Note on the Text
  • Preface to the Second Edition
  • Preface to the Third Edition
  • Sir Walter Ralegh
    • The Passionate Mans Pilgrimage
    • "What is our Life?"
  • Fulke Greville, Lord Brooke
    • Caelica: Sonnets 87 and 88
    • Chorus Sacerdotum
  • Robert Southwell
    • Marige Magdalens Complaint
    • The Burning Babe
    • New Heaven, New Warre
  • William Shakespeare
    • The Phoenix and the Turtle
  • William Alabaster
    • Upon the Ensignes of Christes Crucifyinge
    • Incarnatio est maximum donum Dei
  • Sir Henry Wotton
    • A Hymn to my God in a night of my late Sicknesse
    • On his Mistris, the Queen of Bohemia
    • Upon the Sudden Restraint of the Earle of Somerset
  • John Donne
    • Satyre: Of Religion
    • Elegie: His Picture
    • Elegie: On his Mistris
    • Elegie: To his Mistris Going to Bed
    • The Calme
    • The Flea
    • The Good-Morrow
    • Song: "Goe, and catche a falling starre"
    • The Undertaking
    • The Sunne Rising
    • The Canonization
    • Song: "Sweetest love, I do no goe"
    • Aire and Angels
    • The Anniversarie
    • Twicknam Garden
    • Loves Growth
    • The Dreame
    • A Valediction: of Weeping
    • Loves Alchymie
    • A Nocturnall upon S. Lucies day
    • The Apparition
    • A Valediction: forbidding mourning
    • The Extasie
    • Loves Deitie
    • The Will
    • The Relique
    • The Expiration
    • To Mr. Rowland Woodward
    • Holy Sonnets: Divine Meditations
      • 1. "As due by many titles I resigne"
      • 2. "Oh my blacke Soule! now thou art summoned"
      • 3. "This is my playes last scene, here heavens appoint"
      • 4. "At the round earths imagin'd corners, blow"
      • 5. "If poysonous mineralls, and if that tree"
      • 6. "Death be not proud, though some have called thee"
    • Holy Sonnet: "Batter my heart, three person'd God; for, you"
    • Holy Sonnet: "Since she whome I lovd, hath payd her last debt"
    • Good Friday, 1613. Riding Westward
    • A Hymne to Christ, at the Authors last going into Germany
    • Hymne to God my God, in my sicknesse
    • A Hymne to God the Father
  • Ben Jonson
    • Epitaph on S. P.
    • My Picture left in Scotland
    • A Hymne to God the Father
  • Edward, Lord Herbert of Cherbury
    • To his Watch, when he could not sleep
    • Elegy over a Tomb
    • Sonnet of Black Beauty
    • An Ode upon a Question moved, Whether Love should continue for ever?
  • Aurelian Townshend
    • To the Countesse of Salisbury
    • Youth and Beauty
    • A Dialogue betwixt Time and a Pilgrime
    • Song: "Though regions farr devided"
    • To the Lady May
    • Upon Kinde and True Love
  • Sir Francis Kynaston
    • To Cynthia. On concealment of her beauty
    • To Cynthia. On her changing
  • Henry King
    • Sonnet: "Tell me no more how fair she is"
    • The Surrender
    • The Exequy
    • Sic Vita
    • My Midnight Meditation
    • A Contemplation upon Flowers
  • Francis Quarles
    • On Those that Deserve It
    • On Zacheus
    • A Forme of Prayer
    • Wherefore hidest thou thy face
    • My beloved is mine, and I am his
  • George Herbert
    • The Agonie
    • Redemption
    • Easter-wings
    • Affliction
    • Prayer
    • The Temper
    • Jordan (I)
    • Deniall
    • Vanitie
    • Vertue
    • The Pearl
    • Man
    • Life
    • Mortification
    • Jordan (II)
    • Dialogue
    • The Collar
    • The Pulley
    • The Flower
    • Aaron
    • The Forerunners
    • Discipline
    • Death
    • Love
  • Thomas Carew
    • An Elegie upon the death of Dr. John Donne
    • Mediocritie in love rejected
    • To my inconstant Mistris
    • Perswasions to enjoy
    • Boldnesse in love
    • Elegy on Maria Wentworth
    • To Ben. Jonson
    • To a Lady that desired I would love her
    • Song: "Aske me no more where Jove bestowes"
    • To Master George Sands
  • Owen Felltham
    • Song: "When, Dearest, I but think on thee"
  • William Habington
    • Against them who lay unchastity to the sex of Women
    • Nox nocti indicat Scientiam
    • Song: "Fine young folly, though you were"
  • Thomas Randolph
    • An Elegie
    • Upon his Picture
    • On a maide of honour
  • Sir William Davenant
    • To the Queene, entertain'd at night
    • For the Lady, Olivia Porter
    • Song: "The Lark now leaves his watry Nest"
    • Endimion Porter and Olivia
    • The Philosopher and the Lover
    • The Souldier going to the Field
  • Edmund Waller
    • To my young Lady, Lucy Sidney
    • The selfe-banished
    • Song: "Go lovely Rose"
    • Of my Lady Isabella playing on the Lute
    • An Apologie for having loved before
    • Of the Last Verses in the Book
  • Sir Richard Fanshawe
    • An Ode upon His Majesties Proclamation
    • The Fall
  • John Milton
    • On Shakespear
    • On the University Carrier
    • On Time
  • Sir John Suckling
    • Song: "Why so pale and wan fond Lover?"
    • Sonnet: "Of thee (kind boy) I ask no red and white)
    • Sonnet: "Oh! for some honest Lovers ghost"
    • Song: "Out upon it, I have lov'd"
  • Sidney Godolphin
    • Constancye
    • Song: "Or love me lesse, or love me more"
    • Song: "Noe more unto my thoughts appeare"
    • Hymn: "Lord when the wise men came from farr"
  • William Cartwright
    • To Chloe who wish'd her self young enough for me
    • A New-years-gift to Brian Lord Bishop of Sarum
    • On the Queens Return from the Low Countries
  • Richard Crashaw
    • Wishes to his (supposed) Mistresse
    • On Hope, by way of Question and Answer, between A. Cowley, and R. Crashaw
    • And he answered them nothing
    • To our Lord, upon the Water made Wine
    • The Weeper
    • An Hymne of the Nativity, sung as by the Shepherds
    • Hymn to Sainte Teresa
    • Charitas Nimia: or the Deare Bargain
    • A Letter to the Countess of Denbigh
  • John Cleveland
    • To the State of Love, or the Senses Festival
    • The Antiplatonick
    • Epitaph on the Earl of Strafford
  • Abraham Cowley
    • The Change
    • Ode: Of Wit
    • On the Death of Mr. Crashaw
    • Drinking
    • Hymn to Light
  • Richard Lovelace
    • To Lucasta, Going to the Warres
    • To Amarantha, Thatshe would dishevell her haire
    • Gratiana dauncing and singing
    • The Scrutinie
    • The Grasse-hopper
    • To Althea, from Prison
  • Andrew Marvell
    • A Dialogue between The Resolved Soul, and Created Pleasure
    • On a Drop of Dew
    • The Coronet
    • Eyes and Tears
    • Bermudas
    • A Dialogue between the Soul and Body
    • The Nymph complaining for the death of her Faun
    • To his Coy Mistress
    • The Fair Singer
    • The Definition of Love
    • The Picture of little T. C. in a Prospect of Flowers
    • The Mower to the Glo-Worms
    • The Garden
    • An Horatian Ode upon Cromwel's Return from Ireland
  • Henry Vaughan
    • Regeneration
    • The Showre
    • The Retreate
    • "Come, come, what doe I here?"
    • The Morning-watch
    • "Silence, and stealth of dayes! 'tis now"
    • Peace
    • The Dawning
    • The World
    • Man
    • "I walkt the other day (to spend my hour)"
    • "They are all gone into the world of light!"
    • Cock-crowing
    • The Starre
    • The Night
    • The Water-fall
    • Quickness
  • Thomas Stanley
    • The Magnet
    • The Repulse
    • La Belle Confidente
  • John Hall
    • The Call
    • An Epicurean Ode
    • On an Houre-glasse
  • Thomas Traherne
    • On News
    • Shadows in the Water
  • John Wilmot, Earl of Rochester
    • The Mistress
    • A Song: "Absent from thee I languish still"
    • A Song of a Young Lady. To her Ancient Lover
    • Love and Life
    • Upon Nothing
  • Thomas Heyrick
    • On a Sunbeam
    • On the Death of a Monkey
  • Richard Leigh
    • The Eccho
    • Sleeping on her Couch
  • John Norris of Bemerton
    • Hymn to Darkness
  • Select Reading List
  • Biographical Notes
  • Index of First Lines
  • Index of Authors

Original title: The Metaphysical Poets
Original languages: English


Genre: Poetry

The following works are contained within this one:
     Phoenix and the Turtle, the (1601) [Poem]
      Author: William Shakespeare
     Death be not proud (1633) [Poem]
      Author: John Donne


  • Contents listing from 1969 edition

Edition #1: The Metaphysical Poets

The Metaphysical Poets (1969)
Edition Details:

Language: English

Edition: Third Edition
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Manifested in:

The Metaphysical Poets (1969)

Format: Paperback
Publisher: Penguin Books
ISBN: 9780140420388
Pages: 336

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Edition #2: The Metaphysical Poets

The Metaphysical Poets (1966)
Edition Details:

Language: English

Edition: Second Edition
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Manifested in:

The Metaphysical Poets (1966)

Format: Paperback
Place of publication: Harmonsdworth, Middlesex
Publisher: Penguin Books
Pages: 331

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