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Book Information: Orpheus & Company

Orpheus & Company (1999) [Anthology]
by Nadya Aisenberg Doug Anderson John Ashbery Margaret Atwood Mary Jo Bang Ruth Anderson Barnett Marvin Bell Pam Bernard Lisa Bernstein Diann Blakely Eavan Boland Imogene Bolls George Bradley Olga Broumas Teresa Cader Sarah Chace A.V. Christie Nicholas Christopher Robert M. Chute Amy Clampitt Martha Collins Darcy Cummings Kate Daniels Peter Davison Deborah DeNicola Carl Dennis Diana Der Hovanessian Stephen Dobyns Rita Dove Terry Ehret Kathleen Lignell Ellis Kevin Fitzpatrick Alice Friman Faye George Jack Gilbert Helen Trubek Glenn Louise Glück Jorie Graham Linda Gregg Marilyn Hacker Rachel Hadas Pamela White Hadas Judith Page Heitzman Terry Hermsen Emily Hiestand Tony Hoagland Janet Holmes Jeremy Hooker Richard Howard Victor Howes Barbara Helfgott Hyett Mark Irwin Richard Jackson Daniel Johnson Mark Johnston Alice Jones Donald Justice Yusef Komunyakaa Steve Kowit Stanley Kunitz Barton Kunstler Dale Kushner Timothy Liu Margaret Lloyd Alison Luterman Cynthia Macdonald Katharyn Howd Machan William Matthews Mekeel McBride Rebecca McClanahan Heather McHugh John McKernan Peter Meinke Gary Miranda Gabriella Mirollo Jean Monahan Delisa Mulkey Deborah Pease Carl Phillips John Pijewski William Pitt Root Katha Pollitt Melanie Richards Kenneth Rosen Muriel Rukeyser Reg Saner Sherod Santos Alan Shapiro Reginald Shepherd Charles Simic Dashka Slater Sandy Solomon Katherine Solomon David St. John A.E. Stallings Pamela Stewart Phyllis Stowell Mark Strand Jeri Theriault Joyce Thomas Laurel Trivelpiece Carol Tufts Claudia Van Gerven Ellen Bryant Voigt Rosanna Warren Ioanna-Veronika Warwick Rachel Wetzsteon Carolyn White Joyce Wilson Cecelia Woloch Ellen Roberts Young Rating: No votes (Rate!)
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Summary (From the publisher):

This collection offers myriad fresh, and often dazzling, interpretations of Greek myths at a time of renewed excitement about the role of myths and other archetypes in our culture, and about the spiritual themes which many of the poems suggest. Deborah DeNicola has assembled nearly 190 contemporary poems on Greek myths by 100 poets, arranged in titled sections by myth.

Poems range from hip, hilarious retellings to those taking political stances on subjects from feminism to war, to complete reimaginings of the myths set in contemporary times. The book includes a range of poets from celebrity authors such as Rita Dove Louise Gluck, Mark Strand, and Stephen Dobyns, to such respected emerging poets as Diann Blakely, Reginald Shepard, Mary Jo Bang, and Carl Phillips.


  • Orpheus & Eurydice
    • Syringa by John Ashbery
    • Eurydice in Darkness by Peter Davison
    • Orpheus and Eurydice in Spain by Alice Friman
    • Orpheus in Greenwich Village by Jack Gilbert
    • Finding Eurydice by Jack Gilbert
    • Eurydice Comes Back After Twenty Years by Helen Trubek Glenn
    • Orpheus and Eurydice by Jorie Graham
    • Eurydice Saved by Linda Gregg
    • Eurydice by Pamela White Hadas
    • Orpheus by Mark Irwin
    • Father Orpheus by Mark Johnston
    • Orpheus Opens His Morning Mail by Donald Justice
    • Eurydice by Steve Kowit
    • In the Dark House by Stanley Kunitz
    • Orpheus and Eurydice by Timothy Liu
    • Orpheus by Gary Miranda
    • Eurydice Summer by John Pijewski
    • Orpheus Reconsidered by William Pitt Root
    • Orpheus (1942-1980) by Kenneth Rosen
    • In Hades, Orpheus by Muriel Rukesyer
    • Eurydice by Reg Saner
    • Eurydice by Sherod Santos
    • Orpheus in the Underworld by Sherod Santos
    • Iris by David St. John
    • Eurydice by Pamela Stewart
    • Orpheus Transposed Among the Willows by Pamela Stewart
    • Orpheus Alone by Mark Strand
    • XXVIII by Mark Strand
  • The Iliad
    • April by Nadya Aisenberg
    • The Spirit of Ruin by Nadya Aisenberg
    • The War by Doug Anderson
    • Spoken by the Sentry at Achilles' Tent by Doug Anderson
    • First Blood by Doug Anderson
    • Greek Love 1. Clytemnestra by Diann Blakely
    • Hector's Return by Carl Dennis
    • On the Way to School by Carl Dennis
    • The Triumph of Achilles by Louise Glück
    • Sacrifice by Daniel Johnson
    • Achilles' Song by Barton Kunstler
    • Paris/Alexandros by Barton Kunstler
    • Achilles by William Matthews
    • The Angle of Shadow, The Angle of Light by Rebecca McClanahan
    • Helen by Peter Meinke
    • Agamemnon Sacrifices Iphigenia by Carol Tufts
    • Paris and Helen by Carol Tufts
    • The Twelfth Day by Rosanna Warren
  • The Odyssey
    • from "Circe/Mud Poems" by Margaret Atwood
    • Study Guide for the Odyssey by Marvin Bell
    • Polyphemus by Diann Blakely
    • Circe by Diann Blakely
    • Penelope in Spring by A.V. Christie
    • Circe in Love by Nicholas Christopher
    • Circe Revisted by Nicholas Christopher
    • Homecoming by Martha Collins
    • A Second Look at Penelope by Terry Ehret
    • The Plundering of Circe by Jack Gilbert
    • Parable of the Hostages by Louise Glück
    • Circe's Powerby Louise Glück
    • Telemachus' Guiltby Louise Glück
    • Mythology by Marilyn Hacker
    • Philoctetes by Rachel Hadas
    • After Odysseus by Judith Page Heitzman
    • The Story Should Spin by Emily Hiestand
    • In the Land of Lotus Eaters by Tony Hoagland
    • Telemachus by Richard Howard
    • Polyphemus Reverse by Victor Howes
    • Surgery by Yusef Komunyakaa
    • Why Penelope Was Happy by Cynthia Macdonald
    • Odysseus and the Sirens by Mekeel McBride
    • Certainly Odysseus Wept by John McKernan
    • Waiting for Odysseus by Gabriella Mirollo
    • Penelope Writes by Katha Pollitt
    • Ithaca Refigured by William Pitt Root
    • The Odyssey by Kenneth Rosen
    • Calypso, Penelope by Alan Shapiro
    • Odysseus Becalmed by Reginald Shepherd
    • Argus Eyes by Phyllis Stowell
    • Archaic Penelope by Ioanna-Veronika Warwick
    • Penelope and Odysseus as One Person by Ioanna Veronika Warwick
    • from The Voyage of Penelope by Carolyn White
    • Her Story by Ellen Roberts Young
  • Demeter/Persephone
    • Persephone Leaving by Mary Jo Bang
    • from "Post-War Persephone" by Lisa Bernstein (Lisa B)
      • The God's Bride
      • Spiraling
      • This Life
    • The Pomegranate by Eavan Boland
    • The Narcissus Flower by Rita Dove
    • Mother Love by Rita Dove
    • Lost Brilliance by Rita Dove
    • Kore by Faye George
    • The Daughter's Visit by Helen Trubek Glenn
    • Chez Persephone by Janet Holmes
    • She Hides Her Golden Hair by Jeremy Hooker
    • Persephone by Alice Jones
    • Queen of the Dead and Her Mother by Alice Lloyd
    • Persephone Tells by Dashka Slater
    • Ceres by Laurel Trivelpiece
    • Persephone by Joyce Wilson
    • Hades by Celia Woloch
  • Oedipus
    • In Retrospect: Oedipus to the Sphinx by Imogen Bolls
    • Laius Alive by Kevin Fitzpatrick
    • Colonus by Linda Gregg
    • Teiresias by Richard Jackson
    • Antigone Today by Richard Jackson
    • Sphinx by Melanie Richards
    • Private Life of the Sphinx by Muriel Rukeyser
    • Ismene at Colonus by Claudia Van Gerven
  • Daphne
    • Daphne Heard with Horror the Addresses of the God by Eavan Boland
    • "Daphne with Her Thighs in Bark by Eavan Boland
    • Daphne by Faye George
    • Laurel by Sandy Solomon
    • Daphne by Sandy Solomon
    • Daphne by A. E. Stallings
    • Debarked by Phyllis Stowell
  • Daedalus/Icaros/Minos
    • The Cunning One by Stephen Dobyns
    • Artist by Stephen Dobyns
    • Discord by Stephen Dobyns
    • Icarus's Flight by Stephen Dobyns
    • Blemished and Unblemished by Stephen Dobyns
    • Last Wisdom by Stephen Dobyns
    • Theseus Within the Labyrinth by Stephen Dobyns
    • Minotaur Template by Dale Kushner
    • Icarus by Gary Miranda
    • Pasiphae and the Bull by Delisa Mulkey
    • The Minotaur by Muriel Rukeyser
    • The Fall of Icarus by Dashka Slater
    • Ariadne Thanks Theseus for Abandoning Her by Ioanna-Veronika Warwick
    • Maze and Monster by Ellen Roberts Young
  • Narcissus
    • Narcissus for the Defense by Victor Howes
    • Narcissus at Home by Donald Justice
    • The Nymph to Narcissus by Heather McHugh
    • Narcissus by Gary Miranda
    • Loss of Soul by Deborah Pease
    • Narcissus at the Adonis Theater by Reginald Shepherd
  • Goddesses
    • The Book of the Dead Man (#11) by Marvin Bell
    • Aegis by Pam Bernard
    • Greek Love #2. A Statue of Aphrodite by Diann Blakely
    • Artemis by Olga Broumas
    • Maenad by Olga Broumas
    • Letter to Artemis by Teresa Cader
    • Athena by Amy Clampitt
    • Game by Diana Der Hovanessian
    • Clotho by Alice Friman
    • Birth of Athena Blues by Barbara Helfgott Hyett
    • The Seven Wives of Zeus by Rebecca McClanahan
    • Medusa Cuts Her Hair by Jean Monahan
    • Medusa Saved by Melanie Richards
    • Maybe Medusa by Joyce Thomas
    • Venus Observed by Rachel Wetzsteon
  • Gods
    • The Fire Fetched Down by George Bradley
    • Dating Hephaestus by Darcy Cummings
    • Hephaestus Alone by Linda Gregg
    • Pegasus by Terry Hermsen
    • This Other God by Emily Hiestand
    • Robert Mapplethorpe's Photograph of Apollo (1988) by Mark Irwin
    • Hermes by Dale Kushner
    • Dancing with Pan by Alison Luterman
    • For Chiron by Carl Phillips
    • Charon's Cosmology by Charles Simic
    • Apollo Takes Charge of His Muses by A. E. Stallings
    • First Song by Ellen Bryant Voigt
  • Heroines
    • Phaedra in Hades by Ruth Anderson Barnett
    • Medea by Sarah Chace
    • Ariadne auf Naxos by Nicholas Christopher
    • Leda by Robert Chute
    • Afterwards Apollo by Kate Daniels
    • But Artemis by Kate Daniels
    • Lying Down by Kate Daniels
    • Alcestis by Kate Daniels
    • Awaiting Dionysus by Deborah DeNicola
    • Cassandra by Pamela White Hadas
    • Cassandra by Katharyn Howd Machan
    • Cassandra by Jean Monahan
    • Leda, after the Swan by Carl Phillips
    • Galatea by Katherine Solomon
    • Psyche by Sandy Solomon
    • Psyche by Pamela Stewart
    • Galatea Waking by Jeri Theriault
    • Arachne by Joyce Thomas
  • Heroes
    • The Argonaut by Kathleen Lignell Ellis
    • Midas by Victor Howes
    • The Origin of the Constellation Saggitaurius, the Centaur by Richard Jackson
    • Sisyphus by Gary Miranda
    • Perseus Appears to the Three Gray Women by Jean Monahan
    • The Flaying on Marsyas by Kenneth Rosen
    • Song for Sisyphus by Reg Saner

Edited by Deborah DeNicola

Original title: Orpheus & Company: Contemporary Poems on Greek Mythology
Original languages: English


Genre: MythologyReinterpretations

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Edition #1: Orpheus & Company

Orpheus & Company (1999)
Edition Details:

Language: English

Edited by: Deborah DeNicola
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Orpheus & Company (1999)

Format: Paperback
Publisher: University Press of New England
ISBN: 0874519187
Dimensions: x x
Pages: 338

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