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Book Information: Last Question, the

Last Question, the (1956) [Short Story]
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Series: Multivac

Summary (IBList user synopsis):

Multivac was the computer that controlled the entire planet. Alexander Adell, and Bertram Lupov asked it the Last Question on May 21, 2061. "How can entropy be reversed." Multivac replied, "There is insufficient data at this time to present a meaningful answer."

The Last Question would be asked many times over the uncountable years, by men, by women, and finally, by Man, when Multivac was a computer whose workings and dimensions were beyond the comprehension of all beings but Multivac itself. Data had to be correlated in all possible configurations. At the End, it would perhaps have an answer.

Originally published in Science Fiction Quarterly, November 1956.

Original title: The Last Question
Original languages: English


Genre: FictionScience FictionWorld VersionsEnd Times

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