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Mark was born to a minister and a social worker and raised in a small Scottish village. He later moved to Minnesota.

Inspired by the mythic and magical heritage of Scotland, Mark wrote his first roleplaying game, Ars Magica, a fantasy game set in an alternate medieval world, while still in college. He founded Lion Rampant, and within a few years, Ars Magica had made an impression in the RPG field.

In 1991, Lion Rampant merged with a young magazine publisher, Stewart Wieck, to create White Wolf, Inc. Shortly thereafter, Mark created the dark and gothic-punk world of Vampire: The Masquerade. Vampire: The Masquerade was a phenomenal success. It become one of the most sought-after properties in the roleplaying industry, crossing over into every medium from T-shirts to television to computer games and even card games. Winning the Origins award in 1991 for Best Role-Playing Rules, Vampire: The Masquerade is part of a series of games collectively known as The World of Darkness. The World of Darkness contains Vampire: The Masquerade, Mage: The Ascension, Werewolf: The Apocalypse, Wraith: The Oblivion, and Changeling: The Dreaming (all of them co-written or contributed to by Mark).

Mark Rein•Hagen, as part-owner and Creative Director of White Wolf, has continued to lift roleplaying to new heights by bringing innovative, unique and market-savvy ideas to the forefront of gaming.

Mark has traveled extensively in the Far East and spent a year living in Australia. He currently is working on designing computer games (including some which are adaptations of the World of Darkness genre), and working in Hollywood.

Mark has recently moved to San Francisco, where he lives with his girlfriend Robin and his dog Kizmit.

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