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Richard Doyle was born in Guernsey. Almost immediately the family moved to Ethiopia where Richard's father had been appointed legal adviser to Haile Selassie. At the age of three Richard was presented to the Emperor. His behaviour was impeccable until, catching sight of a small dog, he disappeared under the throne in pursuit. To his mother's relief, the old tyrant was amused.

Kuwait followed Ethiopia with all the fun of life on an American oil base: Marvel comics, Tarzan movies and as much Coca-Cola as you wanted. In term time Richard had to fly back to boarding school in England which he found cold, bleak and riddled with unfathomable rules. At fifteen he persuaded his parents that he could study just as well from home.

The gamble paid off. Richard won a place at Lincoln College, Oxford where he spent three gloriously decadent years. Then, equipped with a law degree but no desire to practice, he joined an investment firm in the City of London.

For the first few years Richard enjoyed the work. He was with a friendly crowd and the pay was good. But at the back of his mind there was always the sneaking feeling that he had sold his soul. After one summer holiday, he gave in his notice. He was going to become a writer.

Richard's first book Deluge was well received. His second Imperial 109 a stunning success. Set on a pre-WWII Imperial Airways flying boat it combined plot and romance in an exuberant cocktail. 'Pure joy in story-telling' according to the Sunday Times. Worldwide over a million copies were sold.

Two novels followed, Pacific Clipper and Havana Special, and then Richard decided to take a break and do other things for a while. He travelled widely and experimented with living in Ireland and the West Indies and France.

In 1998 Richard hit the shelves again with Executive Action, a switch-back of a thriller about the Presidency and The White House staff. By then he was already into his first year of research for Flood.

Richard now lives on a farm near Dartmoor with his wife, Sally, and twelve year old son, Caspar.


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