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Author Information: Jeff Grubb

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(1957 - )
Jeff Grubb builds worlds for a living. A former civil engineer and now full-time game designer for Wizards of the Coast, he has helped create such diverse shared worlds as Dragonlance, the Forgotten Realms, Spelljammer, and Al-Qadim. He has most recently helped codify and explore through novels the home worlds of Magic: The Gathering and StarCraft. He delights in building new settings (or explaining old ones) and setting stories in them. He has written six novels set in the Realms with Kate, one written with Ed Greenwood, and more short stories than one can shake a gnome at.

He is currently working and living in the Seattle area, where he is mapping out the varied planes of existence as his day job. He is kept sane in these matters by his wife and oft-times cowriter Kate Novak and by his three cats. He doesn't regret any of his alliances.

Jeff is a man on a quest, seeking a state known as "Writer's Valhalla," a mythological place where noted authors write hard through the day and drink, battle, and argue to the death each evening. With the dawn they are raised from the dead and begin the cycle anew. Everyone needs a dream like this.

To achieve the Jeff Grubb experience, remember a song from ten years ago that you could not get out of your head. The one with the maddening chorus, plaintive riffs, and more hooks than fisherman's lure. Yeah, that song. Got it? Now you won't be able to get rid of it for the next week. That's what its like to be Jeff, all the time.




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